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Eco-friendly Roofing Solutions

These days it is more important than ever to take our environment into consideration when we undertake any task and that includes roofing supplies that we use.
Home owners will at some point have to consider the possibility of replacing a roof. The lifespan of many asphalt roofs is realistically about 20 years. Your shingles have to take the brunt of all nature’s elements. The sun and heat, rain and cold and all weather possibilities in between.
If that time has come now for your home to need a new roof you may be wanting to replace those weather worn asphalt singles with some more eco-friendly roofing supplies Your eco-friendly choices are vast, from wood to recycled plastic or rubber shingles.
When people think of eco-friendliness for a roof solution they most commonly think of wood shake or shingle options. These shingles are usually derived from western cedar and have a relatively low amount of energy spent to produce this product. One of the huge disadvantages to this option though are location and building codes as these shingles are flammable. They usually aren’t the most popular choice in areas with loads of trees due to the hazards associated with forest fires.
The safest and most popular roofing supplies that fall in the eco-friendly class are those that are recycled product shingles. These shingles have been created from plastics, rubber, wood fibers and even some home and factory waste. This makes them perfect due to lessening landfill waste and pollution caused from processing raw materials.
These roof supplies look great and are durable. They have excellent fire ratings which can save you money on insurance costs and most of these products have a 50 year warranty with their use.
Another great solution for those that want to go natural is slate roofing. Slate is very durable and known to last hundreds of years. You can generally purchased slate roofing that carries a 100 year warranty. This is a more expensive solution and you will need a stronger than normal roof frame to carry the weight of slate.
You may even consider recycled rubber in your quest for eco-friendly roofing. Steel belted radial tires that have lived out their life as a tire are given a second chance when they are rescued as rubber roofing. Their biggest advantage of recycled rubber roofing is that it lasts for a good long time.
Eco-friendly roofing is a huge step in helping out our environment for years to come and enhancing the look of your current home environment.

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