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Google is allowing any US resident to buy Glass

Got an additional US$1,500, an American passport and the blazing need to wear a camera all over at all times? You’re in good luck. Google Glass, the disputable crown gem of wearable tech items, is at last accessible to the overall population — yet just for one day, and just to the individuals who can bear the cost of them.
Potential “Glass pilgrims” in the U.S. have been given a 24-hour window (starting at 9 a.m. ET today) in which to buy Google Glass from the organization’s site, which gladly peruses, “The time has at last arrived. In case you’re a U.s. occupant with a U.s. transportation address, who is 18+, you can buy Glass and join the Explorer Program for a constrained time.”
Generally saved for big names and tech influencers, the full purchaser take off of Glass has yet to be reported, making today’s blaze deal an energizing event for the normal device head/prominent trendste.
Google has made its wearable specs slightly more accessible to people who actually need glasses to see. Starting Tuesday, the company is making Google Glass compatible with prescription lenses.  You’ll have to choose one of Google’s four frames from its Titanium Collection at a cost of $225 each. That’s in addition to the $1,500 it costs to get the actual technology behind Glass, which is still restricted to a small group of “explorers”

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