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Point of Purchase Advertising

For businesses and companies who have points of purchase in their brick and mortar locations, you know how important it is to put the right sales and marketing items on your point of sale displays. It can be hard to understand how much these items can impact your overall sales until you get your monthly and yearly financial reports. When you look at how much was spent on the small point of sale displays, you may realize the benefit that point of purchase advertising can offer to a given business.
Let us consider one situation in which point of purchase advertising works great. Let’s assume that you own a bathing suit store. You have bikinis, one pieces and all sorts of different wraps and beach dresses to offer your customers in your store. You may even have swim trunks in varying sizes and colors of men. When a woman comes into the store and tries on and chooses one bathing suit, she will bring it up to the point of purchase where you will be.
Seemingly, this customer has a price on her of however much the bathing suit is that she has chosen. That is a great profit, but what if you could sell her more? This is where point of purchase advertising comes into play. In this example, you could try several different tactics for point of purchase advertising.
In one case, you could try to sell a completely new product or service. For example, if your initial sales are in bathing suits, why not broaden your sales horizons and try selling services as well. In this example, selling sun tanning services, manicures, pedicures or even spray tans would fit very nicely. Someone buying and trying on swim suits may go into the fitting room and decide that they are pasty white. They might be considering getting a spray tan or real sun tan anyway. Why not help them out?
You could put an advertising sign in a plastic acrylic sign holder that said “20% off Tanning When you Purchase a Bathing Suit!” or, if you want to sell more suits, try “Swim Suits: Buy 1 Get 1 30% off!” Both of these options would work and could make you a lot more money than you initially were worth. Try all of these options in your brick and mortar store, and see what point of sale advertising can do for your business!

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