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The Key Elements of Government Relations in Toronto

Government relations firms perform education and advocacy on the part of a particular business or industry. This is something necessary especially if businesses are being affected by new government policies. This is an offshoot of public relations although it is focused mainly on lawmakers. There are four key elements involved in government relations Toronto.
Create Awareness and Build Contacts
The first step for any firm performing government relations is to create awareness. This means making initial contact with policymakers and other influential individuals. The idea is to let these people know that the business or industry exists and has a stake in government policies. The next stage is to start building contacts. This involves identifying the people in and around the government who are most directly related to the areas that could affect the business or industry. This is an important part of government relations because it directly relates to the success of any campaign.
Educate Policymakers
The next step is to educate policymakers when a specific issue arises. This is the main goal of government relations. Education means showing officials exactly how a proposed piece of legislation could potentially impact a business or an entire sector of the economy. This is often necessary since people in government cannot foresee all of the possible effects that a single piece of legislation will have on every type of business. Government relations experts can use a variety of techniques in order to educate lawmakers about how a new policy or law could harm an industry or the entire country.
Persuade Key Figures and the Public
Persuading key figures and the public is what can make a difference after important individuals have been educated about a policy issue. Persuasion can involve things like tours of facilities, letter-writing campaigns or multiple visits to different lawmakers. Including the public in these efforts with rallies, petitions or call-in campaigns can be very effective. The goal of persuasion is to solidify the position of policymakers. Successful persuasion can result in stronger support for the larger industry or business.
Support Allies
The final part of government relations Toronto businesses engage in is support of allies. This means supporting the people in the government who helped to pass or defeat the legislation in question. It also means supporting other businesses or industries that helped. Support can come in many forms from helping regulators to assisting officials when new legislation for the country is needed.

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