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Understanding No Dig Technology That Can Restore Your Drains Fast

Your drain lines can start to leak or break over time. This has required digging trenches to repair or replace the pipes in the past. New technology allows for pipe restoration using a technique similar to angioplasty. You should understand how this technique works and what some of the advantages are.
Restoring Old Pipes
No dig technology can restore old pipes simply. A special epoxy liner is placed into the old pipe after it is cleaned of debris and other obstructions. The liner is inflated so that it fills the entire pipe. The material on the outside is designed to start to harden once it is in place. The liner is kept inflated until the epoxy hardens completely. The result is a new pipe that is almost the same size as the existing drain line. This is all done by inserting the liner from a single end of the pipe without having to dig into the ground according of the plumbing principles..
Replacing Damaged Drains
A slightly different technology can be used to replace an entire drain line without digging up the property. This technology uses a special head that is inserted into the drain line. The head is like a drill bit in some ways. An epoxy liner is attached to the back of the head. The head is then sent through the pipes. The head is designed to move forward and bust the pipe as it progresses. The inflated liner is pulled along where it replaces the old drain once hardened. This is a fast and effective replacement method.
Material Strength
It is important to understand that the hardened epoxy liners are actually very strong. They are just as strong as the existing drain line. They can actually be much stronger than older pipes. The hardened liner will resist damage from pressure, water and the soil. Roots will have a difficult time penetrating the liner. The liner is resistant to corrosion from chemicals and is resistant to damage from debris passing out of the house. A properly installed liner can last for a long time.
Advantages of No Dig Technology
The main advantage of no dig technology is that it can be done without having to create a massive trench in the ground. This preserves the lawn, trees and other plantings on the property. Another advantage is that the entire process takes very little time. A restoration or replacement can take anywhere from just one to three days instead of weeks. A final advantage is that no dig technology is environmentally friendly when compared to traditional techniques.

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